5 Common Home Repairs You Don’t Need a Professional For

Owning a home means inevitable home repairs, which means added expense. But, there are a variety of home repair projects that you don’t need a professional for. With a few key tools and some time, you’ll be able to save some money. These home repairs range from plumbing to deadlocks, giving you a chance to fix problems before they get worse. 


Spackling a Wall to Repair Dents

Spackling may sound like a complicated process, but it’s one of the easiest home repairs you can do! It’s also a critical step before repainting drywall, to ensure that the finished product is smooth.

Once the sparkle dries, you’ll sand it down to be flush with the drywall. Then you’re ready to paint! Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for spackling walls.


Replacing a Toilet Flapper

While some toilet problems may make you want to run to the nearest plumber, replacing your toilet flapper is human waste free. The toilet flapper is in the tank of your toilet, and an old flapper could lead to leaks.

Replacing a toilet flapper is a quick, easy job, as it’s just disconnecting the chain and sliding the flapper off. This video gives you a more detailed look at the process.


Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting

Dealing with lights can be tricky, but as long as you’re careful with the wiring it’s an easy fix you can do yourself. Whether you moved into a new home and want to upgrade or if your current lighting fixture isn’t working, installing a new light is simple.

You’ll want to ensure that you aren’t working with live wiring, so turn off the breakers and use a non contact voltage detector before touching any wires. After that, it’s as easy is disconnecting the old wiring and bolts and reattaching to the new light. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing your new light fixture.


Changing Your Home’s Locks

From moving into a new home or a faulty lock, there are a number of reasons to install a new deadbolt. Typical deadbolts are still a common option for front doors, though some families are turning to smart locks for added capabilities.

When purchasing a new lock, you’ll notice there are many different varieties, and differing levels of security. Choose what you’re comfortable with, and we recommend avoiding the cheapest models. If you’re investing in your home, you want it to last. 

Then, it’s simply removing the screws and pulling the deadbolt out. Then, you reverse the steps to install the new one, being mindful of the deadbolt’s position. For more information, this is a helpful guide.


Reattaching Loose Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding gets put through a lot, especially during severe storms. The wind and loose branches can cause the siding to pop out, causing an unsightly gap. And, it takes only two tools to fix! (Though you may also need a hammer and galvanized roof nails.)

You’ll need a zip tool, but it should only be about $6-10. And, depending on where the loose siding is, you’ll need a ladder. This article shows you how to pop the siding back into place, which will give you a seamless fix you won’t be able to spot.


These common home repairs don’t take much time, and performing these repairs yourself can save you money and hassle of bringing in a professional. Home repairs don’t need to get complicated; many can be done in a Saturday afternoon! What are you going to repair in your home?


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