3 Signs You Need to Repair Your Garage Door

We often don’t think about our garage doors until they need a repair. If your garage door breaks, it’s important to know what to look out for. We want your garage door to help your family, which means it’s important to keep it in optimum condition. It could be that the problem lies in a mechanical issue or it just needs some extra care, so it’s ideal to check these problems early.



Your Garage Door is Stuck Open or Closed

A garage door that is stuck open or closed is most commonly a battery issue. Double check each remote and control panel, to see if some are still working or if all are broken. This can be as easy as changing out your batteries in each remote, so that is a good starting point.

If you’ve recently had a power outage, this could be another reason that your garage door is stuck. Doing a reset, whether that’s flipping a lever or holding a switch, can easily fix this problem.


Your Garage Door Lowers Too Quickly

Aside from posing a danger to those raising and lowering your garage door, quick movements can be a sign that a cable or spring is too loose. This is a problem best fixed early, as these problems can become bigger over time.

With your garage door lowered, check all springs and cables to ensure they are taut and in good condition. This includes fraying and worn strips. If it looks like they may be wearing, it’s time to call a repair company. Because it can be an involved process and there are several safety hazards with this type of repair, it’s important to bring in experienced help.


Your Garage Door Is Moving Unevenly

If your garage door seems to be moving unevenly and not lowering smoothly, that could be a problem with debris in the tracks. Check each track, and clean out any dirt, leaves, or other debris that has collected over time.

If the tracks are clear but the door is still moving unevenly, check the cables on both tracks. If they’re uneven, the garage door’s movement can be affected. If this is the case, it’s best to consult a professional, as this can also post a safety hazard.



Garage doors are only helpful when they work, and mechanical components can break down and become less effective. Giving your garage door a thorough check when these three problems first arise can help minimize the cost and effect these garage door issues can have. 

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