5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Garage Door

When purchasing a new garage door, the choices can seem overwhelming. Between the options like material, windows, and color, there are the technical choices like Wi-Fi connectivity, mounting options, and noise reducing parts, there are a variety of decisions to make. These five things you should know before buying a new garage door.

1. Remember Noise Levels

Some garage door models are quieter than others, and it's an important factor to consider. If there is a living space above or next to the garage, your garage door's noise can disrupt your family's sleep. Many newer models are quieter than previous models because of technology improvements, but there are also special models that offer this benefit.

A quiet garage door will have a number of features:

  • Nylon rollers, which are quieter than its metal counterparts.
  • Polyurethane insulation, which will dampen vibrations caused by the door's movement.

2. Consider a Battery Backup

While power outages are rare, it's important to remember that they do occur, and if your garage door is closed when it happens, you may not be able to access your car. Instead of leaving it up to chance, we recommend purchasing a garage new opener with a battery backup.

There are a variety of models with this capability, including both affordable and top-of-the-line models, giving you a choice based on your other needs and your budget.

3. Know That Springs Make a Difference

There are different types of springs available, and while the price difference may be alluring for a smaller spring, remember that it can affect performance. Most springs are rated for 10,000 cycles. If you're using your garage door multiple times each day, it will only be about five years before that limit is reached.

Instead, a stronger spring will cost roughly another $50, which is a worthy addition for your new garage door.

4. Consider Spending More Now for a New Opener

Purchasing a new garage door can be expensive, but consider making the additional investment for a new garage door opener at the same time. Unless it's already a new model, you can save money on labor when you install both at one time

This also gives you a chance to upgrade your garage door opener to one with Wi-Fi, giving you remote access, in addition to other features.

5. Choose the Right Garage Door Material

There are a few different types of material for garage doors, and each have their advantages and disadvantages. Wood garage doors can add to your home's aesthetic, but they require a great deal more upkeep over time

Instead, you could choose an embossed steel garage door that has a faux wood-grain finish. These doors are more affordable, and from a distance will still look like wood. There are also some more expensive options with a fiberglass skin. These composite overlays look like wood but will have a longer lifespan.


There are many choices to make with your home, and your garage door is one of them. Options like noise reduction and material can all help you choose the perfect garage door for your home. If you're ready to get started, give us a call at 877-497-5832.